Win a copy of Best Sex Writing 2008!

Sorry if this blog is looking strange on your screen – rest assured, I’m looking into it.

In happy news, Best Sex Writing 2008 just hit bookstores/Amazon! I’m thrilled, and to celebrate, am offering you the chance to WIN a signed copy from me. All you have to do is leave a comment on this post (for those reading on Amazon, click through on the bottom to the Best Sex Writing 2008 blog) telling me what your favorite sex-related story of 2007 was and why, as well as an email address where I can reach you if you win. Entries must be received by Sunday, January 6th at 5 pm EST. One entry per person. I will pick a winner that evening. Good luck, Happy Reading, and Happy New Year! And mark your calendars:

We’re also having a book release party (yes, there will be cupcakes!) for it on Tuesday, January 22nd, 7-9, at Rapture Cafe, 200 Avenue A (between 12th and 13th), NYC, featuring me and contributors Featuring editor Rachel Kramer Bussel, Rachel Shukert (“Big Mouth Strikes Again: An Oral Report”), Lux Nightmare (“The Pink Ghetto”), Miriam Datskovsky (“Absolut Nude”) and Liz Langley (“Sex and the Single Septuagenarian”). Books will be available for sale and signing.

Here’s the table of contests again – if you didn’t get a chance to read my introduction, click through below and check it out.

Introduction: One Little Word, Infinite Interpretations

Big Mouth Strikes Again: An Oral Report • Rachel Shukert
Double Your Panic • Kevin Keck
Battle of the Sexless • Ashlea Halpern and Porn Hysteria: The Lie of Unbiased Reporting • Violet Blue
The Prince of Porn and the Junk-Food Queen from Insatiable • Gael Greene
Tough Love • Kelly Rouba
Dirty Old Women • Ariel Levy
Stalking the Stalkers • Kelly Kyrik
Sex in Iran • Pari Esfandiari and Richard Buskin
Surface Tensions • Jen Cross
Sex and the Single Septuagenarian • Liz Langley
The Pink Ghetto (A Four-Part Series) • Lux Nightmare and Melissa Gira
To Have or Have Not: Sex on the Wedding Night • Jill Eisenstadt
How Insensitive • Paul Festa
The Study of Sex • Amy Andre
Dangerous Dildos • Tristan Taormino
Absolut Nude • Miriam Datskovsky
The Hung List from Hung: A Meditation on the Measure of Black Men in America • Scott Poulson-Bryant
The Glass Closet • Michael Musto
Menstruation: Porn’s Last Taboo • Trixie Fontaine
Buying Obedience: My Visit to a Pro Submissive • Greta Christina

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3 Responses to “Win a copy of Best Sex Writing 2008!”

  1. Gena Hymowech Says:

    Hey Rachel. My favorite sex-related story of 2007 is one featured in your anthology, by Michael Musto. I’ve long admired Musto’s work in the Village Voice. He brings an honesty and humor to gossip reporting that is unmatched. In this story, he talks about the Glass Closet, which is a way for gay stars to live somewhat honest lives while never confirming they are gay. Musto looks at people we all knew were gay in the past, but never admitted to it (hello, Paul Lynde). He looks at those playing the same game now (how are you doing, Sam Champion?) And he looks at those who have come out, and haven’t been hurt by it (Neil Patrick Harris, most notably). For the cover that week, Out bravely decided to publish pictures of Jodie Foster and Anderson Cooper. Neither celeb was out at the time. (Foster sort of is now.) Musto’s story takes an objective view of things, though, and suggests Hollywood is to blame as much as the stars are. Hollywood is a place where it’s impossible to be out and as successful as a straight person. Musto’s article is well-written, well-researched and further proof he’s the bravest gossip in the business.

    My email is

    This looks like a great book. Thanks!

  2. Curvaceous Dee Says:

    Hi Rachel! My favourite sex-related story of 2007 was Jenny Block’s ‘Portrait of an Open Marriage’. I feel that the way she approached and explored the topic of relationships and polyamory was respectful (rather than prurient, as some articles about the topic are) and will perhaps allow some readers to understand that poly is a valid relationship style, but not one that should be forced on monogamous people, any more than the reverse should be.

    I am really looking forward to reading her book as it comes out, too.

    xx Dee

  3. Susie F. Says:

    My fave sex-related story is any written or edited by RKB. Yes — I am biased! Rock on and congrats on another awesome anthology. Super hot cover, too!

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