Interview with Tristan Taormino at Jezebel

There’s an interview with Best Sex Writing 2008 contributor Tristan Taormino up at Jezebel by Tracie Egan, while she was covering AVN:

Photo by Jeff Koga for Fleshbot

Porn has always been, and continues to be a huge issue for women. I don’t know if the debate will ever be over,” Tristan said, “But it’s hard to hear from other feminists. They haven’t seen my porn, they haven’t seen Candida Royalle or Belladonna. So they don’t see that porn is not one monolithic thing that’s all bad.”

When asked how she deals with that, she said that she believes everyone is entitled to their opinion, but that they should watch her movies before expressing it to her. “Porn is complicated. [The perception of it by the public] has been over simplified. Porn is as cerebral as it is visceral.”

And that makes sense, considering many of her movies are educational. Her Expert Guides series (for anal, cunnilingus and fellatio) sort of break the porno mold: She’s into organic and authentic climaxes. (“I would rather the actors share a part of their sexuality, than have me tell them what to do.”) And in the Guide to Cunnilingus, there aren’t any penis penetration shots, which, she said, Vivid initially told her wouldn’t work, because “if there’s no cock, there’s no scene.”

But changing the way things are done is all part of Tristan’s master plan. “Everything I do is deliberate–very deliberate.”

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