2 great new Best Sex Writing 2008 reviews

Two great new reviews for Best Sex Writing 2008.

The first is from Hot Movies for Her by The Porn Librarian:

Tristan Taormino’s essay on phthalates is one that everyone with a cheap jelly dong should read. I’ve read a lot about the dangerous chemicals, but really appreciated how accessible this article was. It paints a scary picture, and I’m thankful for that. As Taormino points out, Canada has banned phthalates in doggie chew toys but you can still buy a chemical oozing anal plug.

One of my favorite pieces was Ariel Levy’s Dirty Old Women, which focuses on older ladies who seduce teenage boys. We all have our opinions about Mary Kay Letourneau and her former sixth grade student and current husband Vili Fualaau. Unfortunately, I’ve never been exposed to information that wasn’t straight off the pages of People. Levy speaks of the differences between women and men who seduce children and of how society tends to portray all parties in this intriguing essay.

Rachel Kramer Bussel has managed to create an informative page-turner that offers readers a chance to broaden their horizons through each author’s unique perspective. Perverts and prudes will find themselves unable to put this one down.

Then Donna George Storey, one of my favorite erotica writers, wrote about it at Cleansheets:

“Whatever definition you currently have for sex, prepare for it to be shattered.” So writes editor Rachel Kramer Bussel in her introduction to Best Sex Writing 2008, and after reading the twenty-one essays in the anthology, I can honestly say my perspective on sexuality in our culture was blown wide open by the variety of topics, voices and emotion evoked in its pages.

Rachel Kramer Bussel’s introduction provides a few hints about what we’re in for: provocative answers and even more provocative questions about the role of sexuality in our lives, both close to home and in places as foreign, and strangely familiar, as Iran. If you’re the type who thinks the brain is the most important sex organ, you’ll definitely want to read on –and you won’t be disappointed.

Rachel Shukert’s opening essay “Big Mouth Strikes Again: An Oral Report,” tackles stereotypes regarding Jewish women and oral sex “head” on with an old joke about a wife who would let her husband die rather than provide the doctor-prescribed blowjobs. Common wisdom once had it that Jewish women never gave head, but apparently, the word is now they’re the best. Shukert explores this shift with interviews, self-reflection, and wonderful humor. Indeed many of the essays in this book are very funny which engages another taboo — that a serious, thought-provoking treatment of sex must be serious in tone.

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